On The Connecticut Shootings

If anything now more than ever is the time for us to come together to not just remember but honor these victims along with the other victims of school shootings and use this as a stepping to making a difference in the social fabric of humanity.

Rachel Scott the first victim of the Columbine shootings back in 1999 had a vision to make a difference in the world. Her vision was epitomized by a picture she drew where 13 tears were dripping from a pair of eyes nourishing a rose whose leaves seem to be reaching to the heavens. On that day back in April just over 13 years ago 13 people lost their lives. The tears Rachel drew before her death seems to symbolize the lives that continue to be lost in these senseless shootings.

I see today many people lost for answers as to why such senseless violence against innocent children would occur. We may all be at a lost for any answers. I myself do not have the answers either but I can see like a beacon atop a hill what Rachel Scott was trying to tell us through her picture. Rachel believed that random acts of kindness could make a difference for the better and perhaps begin to uplift the very nature of humanity. Perhaps it is not for us to understand or know why, unfortunately it is what it is, the lives have been lost and nothing we do now can change that. In Rachel’s picture the tears had already been cried, the lives lost, the blood of the innocent shed but from that tragedy, the sorrow and pain something beautiful came.

I believe her picture to be a message to us that you may not be able to save us but from the loss of these lives we can grow something greater in humanity. A message that, like manna from heaven or the soil that grows the food that sustains our lives, from these tragedies there can grow from the darkest despair of humanity something that makes the world beautiful. That through random acts of kindness in not just remembering but honoring these lives we can transform the very nature and actions of humanity.

I don’t know if I can answer why this happened but I do believe it will continue to happen and perhaps get even worse. Can we stop it from happening, I am not sure but I do know that we cannot simply try to forget or try to heal and conceal our wounds. These are the wounds that will transform the world like 13 tears falling from a young girl’s eyes. These are the wounds that will allow us to come together and bring about something beautiful within the very nature of humanity as beautiful as a rose. Therefore the question is not why but when.

When will we stand together and allow these tears to give us the strength to uplift the character of humanity. When we will decide that more important than the size of our bank accounts or the bottom line of a corporation is the content of our character. These children, these lives, these tears that we cry are the strength that will allow us to nourish a greater promise within humanity. These tears will allow something beautiful to grow so that humanity can be the greater part of itself and realize the beauty that is us united. Through tragedy must come our enlightenment and upliftment. So let us honor these fallen not victims but heroes and allow them to spark a whole new era of humanity.

Dominic Copeland


One thought on “On The Connecticut Shootings

  1. Newtown is a tragedy that has to spark discussion about the society we live in. Along those lines, I want to share an amazing short film called “A Perfect Day” about a potential mass shooter on the morning of, and an unsuspecting stranger who opens the shooter’s eyes to the implications of what he’s about to do. Powerful stuff!

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