The Swaying Seas of a Relationship

The Swaying Seas of a Relationship

Relationships are not easy especially marriages. Day to day it can seem like the two of you are floating along in the sea of life on little raft boats working to stay afloat while dealing with the swaying situations of life. At some point while the two of you are fighting through the seemingly endless waves of situations you look over and see the other person floating further and further off into the distance traveling along parallel courses. You can feel your longing for the other person grow that much deeper as you forge ahead a little more disheartened than before. Still you have to deal with the daily sea of life but without the love and caring you desire most.

The seas of Life at times can seem unforgiving. Perhaps God gave the world us so that we could make it more humane through our love and compassion. But I must admit at times we fail to do so. Truly in life it’s not always the big moments that matter, the ones that we can look back on and say that moment made a difference. Sometimes it’s the small moments that pass by often unrecognized, a missed a hello, a forgotten smile, a lost kiss that could mean the most. Maybe against the roaring of the waves and the clashing of the sea, one whispered I love you could have made all the difference instead you watch silent as the two of you float off into the sea.


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