Dr. King’s New Dream…as told by me

Hello My Dear Friends,


I Have a New Dream…

It is a dream still deeply rooted in the American Dream only it deals with the greater purpose and truer meaning of that dream.

In this New Dream there is a God-given place for all of us. In this New Dream our existence as worthwhile human beings is no longer predicated solely on the acquisition of money nor will money alone determine the quality of our lives.

No my friends in this New Dream the quality of our lives will be deeply rooted in the realization that there is a unique purpose set aside for you in this life. It is the realization that your life does matter and your voice is needed to strike a chord that resonates across humanity.

In this New Dream no longer can you sit idly by trying to get by, no my friends God needs you to be you so that all of humanity will benefit.

No longer can we allow others to be stewards of our hopes and dreams or gate-keepers to the American Dream. Only God has that right and last I checked God has not given that away or leased it to any corporation or government agency.

In this New Dream we advance by adding our unique essence to the tapestry of life. We do so by standing on the precipice of something new, the edges of the known staring deep into the face of the unknown-not afraid but embolden by the knowledge that within our spirits are the wings that will carry us to sweet freedom, to a land of purpose and meaning. It is the knowledge that A Promised Land that has been set aside for each one of us.

In this New Dream with this land of Promise, a land where through who we are and what we stand for we are able to live a life of purpose and meaning which allows us to have a richly abundant life, no longer are we trapped in someone else’s dream but free and embolden to live life on our own terms.

Yes I still have a Dream that in this New America the collective brightness of our individual lights casts a glow so bright that it becomes a beacon for the rest of humanity showing us a better way.

I Dream that we let go… standing on the edge of change we choose to take a step in faith even though we cannot see the whole staircase as I once said. Knowing that a way has been made and within us is not only a way but a light which if we allow it will shine bright, illuminating the showing us the way.

I Have a Dream that a life well lived will sprout from a strong foundation of who we are and what we stand for. Purpose and meaning will lead our way and we will stand upon a strong foundation hand in hand, spirit to spirit, purpose to purpose, having elevated the whole of humankind.

And on that day we will truly be not only free but uplifted enough to enjoy the fruits of freedom having lived out God’s Dream for Humanity.

In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Please be sure to leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts and what you feel Dr. King’s legacy has meant to you.


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