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Our Day of Independence

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The 4th of July for me is always a time for reflection. It allows me perspective on life and what it means to me. Life is something precious, meaningful and at times beautiful. The 4thof July is often referred to as Independence Day, the birth of our nation where we fought Continue reading


5 Reasons Why You Continue to Struggle and What to Do About It

It was the early 2000’s. I was at a More Heart Than Talent event with Mr. Golden Mastermind himself, Jeffrey Combs. I was in the audience, eager, desperately trying to learn and grow so I could live the life of my dreams. I was newly married, with one child and another on the way living in Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia. The event was in Chicago, I saved the money to go the event, stay at a hotel, have food for the time I was there so that I could move myself and my family closer to our dreams.

When I got there my credit card wasn’t working I had to have my wife put more money on it. The first day I had to walk a couple of miles back and forth to the event, it was a struggle in many ways and in others it was a dream come true. Each of us has a reason why we continue to struggle in life below are 5 common reasons and what you can do about them.


1. Not Sure How To Get Out of Your Own Way

While at the Jeffrey Combs event through a fortunate sequence of events I got to get on stage and do my thing. It was amazing, Jeff got the crowd hyped up and I just spoke from the heart. Later that same day there was a one on one marketing yourself section and I froze. Most people couldn’t believe how this person that just absolutely rocked a packed house could then freeze at what would seem to be such a less pressure moment. Years later I would attend another Jeffrey Combs event- sitting in the audience he asked what were the biggest lessons that we wanted to get out of the day. I raised my hand and replied, How to Get Out of My Own Damn Way! There came a sigh of relief and applause  from the audience as people would later come up to me and thank me for saying what they were feeling in their hearts. We all have issues that we struggle with but it’s hard to change until we can admit that we do. Once you admit it you will find others that feel the exact same way.  Problems in life are like puberty we all have to suffer through it.

2. Not Willing To Go Through The Process

Life itself is process of growth and development. You must be able to go through the process of growing which is often painful. Ask any parent about life with a teething baby. Teeth are an essential part of life but they hurt as they come in. There is even a term growing pains, (not the television show), which tells you just how painful the process is. Most of us would choose not to go through the pain of growth. Unfortunately without the pain of the process we cannot enjoy the benefits of the process. In trying to stop ourselves from having to go through pain we hide from our blessings, we stay stagnant in jobs that are not what we want or need, we stay in relationships that don’t benefit us- we choose to struggle. In order to end the struggle we have to be willing to endure the pain that goes along with the process. If you can, you will find that joy awaits you on the other side.

3. Exposed By The Success You Desire

Remember the phrase, “Be Careful What You Wish For Because it Just Might Come True?” Ask any great comedian about the process they had to go through to become successful at what they do. It often includes bombing on stage, getting heckled, telling awful jokes, being embarrassed. In other words you have to become a great comedian by going from where you are to being good and eventually to great- that’s the process. During each step of that process you will be exposed for what you lack.

Just like the movie Trouble With the Curve where there was a stand out baseball player, number one on everyone’s list Mr. Bigshot. On the biggest stage just before it was his time to hit the jackpot and make the Big Leagues he got exposed. The prospects issue-he can do everything else but hit the curveball making him a player with a glaring weakness. On the road to the success you desire you will be exposed for your shortcomings. When this happens don’t give up and learn to get out of your own way by understanding the area you need to grow in to achieve your dream.

4. You Failed to Learn the Lesson

Imagine it’s five years later and your that egotistical kid from Trouble With the Curve that got exposed for his inability to hit the curveball and you still have not learned how to hit the curveball. Instead you kept thinking your talent was good enough to make up for it in other ways or it was not that important as you watched this seemingly small thing taking away from your dream. Each time out the situation got worse to the degree that you had junior league pitchers embarrassing you with curve after curve after curve ball at nearly a slow pitch level. No scouts are calling anymore and you watched yourself go from the top major league prospect to not even a small town club level prospect.

Your fall from grace included each step along the way from the minors to the small town club. Each team saw your talent, they wondered why isn’t this kid in the majors, they thought they could teach you the curve ball but you failed to learn the lesson and your fall from grace continues. My friend you are struggling only because you failed to learn the lesson. If you ever say to yourself, why does this always happen or keep happening to me, that is a prime indicator that there is a lesson in that challenge that you are not learning and the challenge will only get worse until you do.

5. Not Clear About What You Desire- Clarity Of Purpose

My late great Pastor, Pastor Kim Egolf-Fox always told me to be clear about my purpose, what I desired and what I was trying to communicate to other people. One of the reasons I froze at the one on one session of the Jeffrey Combs event in early 2000’s was because I was not clear on my purpose, who I was or what I was about. I had heart, I had talent but was not clear about what I desired and it showed. Until I became clear about what I desired and the purpose I desired to pursue in life I continued to struggle. It is the old adage that if you fail to stand for something you fall for anything. When you become clear about what you desire you can make decisions that align with that clarity of purpose and go from struggling to achieving.


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The True Meaning of the American Flag and 5 Reasons Why the NFL Failed

We have all watched the quiet protest, before NFL games, of kneeling during the anthem in response to injustice and seeking to give a voice to the voiceless. As the story grew the perspective and conversation on the topic changed drastically as the current President got involved and to my disappointment created unnecessary imagery that generated a huge backlash. Neither the President or the NFL acted in regards to the true meaning of the American flag. In his words the President failed us as did the NFL and here’s 5 ways why. Continue reading

Top Ten Reasons Why Most People Fail

Imagine if everything you did or tried always culminated into the success that you wanted. At that point wouldn’t life be, well, just plain boring. Let’s face it failure is a strong and unavoidable part of life. Failure is also an important part of purpose that if harnessed correctly will make your life more than worth living. In order for us to grow and develop we need to fail. Although failure is necessary how you do it and what you get it of it will determine your eventual success or non-success in life. Below are the Top Ten Reason Why Most People Fail and never recover.

1. They Give Up

There’s a great story called, “Three Feet From Gold.” In the story a prospector finds a vein of gold that runs dry. They continue to dig but after coming up with nothing decide to give up. They sell the rights to prospect and sell the equipment which still leaves them financially indebted to friends and family. The new prospector decides to bring in experts who predict that if they continue to dig just three feet from where the former prospectors left off they would again find that vein of gold. The rest of the story you can guess. Instead of giving up you need to quickly adjust your plans so you can pivot when and where necessary.

2. Don’t Give Enough Time to Succeed

The music channel Vh1 used to have a great series called Behind The Music which profiled famous music artists and their climb to success. In almost every story I noticed a pattern, often they had a break before the break. The artist often had that big opportunity and initial success that looked like they were well on their way after all the struggles and turmoil of trying to make it. Usually that success would be fleeting and heartbreaking, they had to move back to their hometown seemingly as failures and back home with their parents, starting all over again. Fortunately they did not quit or give up they learned, readjusted and went back at it more prepared to skyrocket their careers. They gave themselves the time to succeed. Music was not something that they were trying out to see what happens it was something they were dedicated to regardless of the time it took to make it happen.

3. Underestimate What it Takes to be Successful

As a general rule of thumb you should always factor in that it will take at least twice as long and three times more than you thought it would to achieve your endeavor. Often we underestimate not just the time but the resources and growth of ourselves and those around us in order to achieve our desired goal. A large part of the process of success is your own personal growth. You have to grow into being the person capable of achieving what you desire. Most people will grossly underestimate the importance or fail to understand the necessity for personal growth and cost themselves an opportunity at success. As we all know growth is often painful but short term, failing to grow is painful and ongoing.

4. Hobby Instead of Passion

On the road to fulfilling your dreams you will have to do things you do not want to do, face situations and consequences you have no desire to face and grow often through the painful process of failure. In order to withstand these steps to success you have to have a passion and a love for what you do. In the beginning you are not going to get paid for what you do, most likely you will have to be paying, go into debt, beg borrow and steal to get there. This will not happen with something you are just interested in. You must have a deep passion and desire. As it states in Napoleon Hill’s great book Think and Grow Rich, “Desire is the starting point of all success.” If you do not have that deep desire most likely you will not withstand the process of success and fail.

5. Take Learning as Failure

Often the setbacks we face are learning experiences packaged as failure. Setbacks are stepping stones to our success but they look like we failed so most people accept the failure. If they would take the time to examine the setback and see what they can gain from it they would find great learning experiences wrapped inside. Setbacks are part of the process of success find the jewels of learning so you can turn that into experience and wisdom.

6. Mistake Opportunities for Challenges

Just as learning experiences often come wrapped as failures, opportunities often come wrapped as challenges. The greater the opportunity the greater the challenge. Take a second to think about this, has there ever been something you desired or wanted to achieve? What happened when you started working toward the achievement of that goal-did you come across a bunch of challenges that seemed overwhelming. For example in sports if you want to win a championship you will have to go through the process and that often includes challenges such has having your weaknesses exposed, being embarrassed and losing until you master those situations. These challenges are opportunities for you to grow and master the necessary aspects to achieve what you desire.

7. Misunderstand the Nature of Success

Success is not about a destination it is about the process of growth and development-the journey. The destination or goal helps to determine the direction or focus of the journey. Many people mistake the destination as success so they try to get to the end instead of going through the necessary process of success. Sometimes you will see people who try to skip the process and go right to the trappings of success, the cars, the jewelry, the lifestyle without the growth and development. Success is about who you are and what you accomplish which in turn will help to determine what you have.

8. One Person Team

We all love the classic hero like Sylvester Stallone in Rambo and Daniel Craig as James Bond, a one man army rising against all the odds. In reality one man armies fail, falter and fizzle out miserably. On the road to success no one knows enough to do it themselves and even if somehow you did it would be impossible for you to do it all. Think of your business and personal success like a sport and the game is life. You need your team in place to help you achieve and grow. From teammates in the trenches to advisors who can help you see through the fog along with mentors, coaches and trainers. Even people like Tim Ferriss with his 4 Hour Work Week still need a team to help them accomplish that lifestyle and in fact could not do it without their team.

9. Lack of Resourcefulness

One of the necessities for life in general that most people miss is the need to be resourceful. You will never have everything you need or the ability to acquire it through financial means so you will need to be resourceful and figure out other ways to accomplish and acquire what you desire and need. For example most people will encounter challenges such as lack of finances to purchase what they need and give up  instead of finding other ways to get the financing or acquiring what they need through bartering, asking or other means. Resourcefulness is useful creativity, solutions and the ability to build relationships, see opportunities in challenges and realize solutions in obstacles.

10. Lack of Vision

In the Bible it states that where there is no vision the people will perish. Most of us are perishing because we lack vision for our own life so we get pulled into the vision of other people’s lives. Vision is beyond a goal it is beyond a destination it is a way for how things will be at some point, it’s the forging of possibility into reality. From there you set into place plans for how to achieve that Vision. Vision itself then becomes that North Start keeping you on course through the storms and challenges of life. Vision gives you purpose.

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Dr. King’s New Dream…as told by me

Hello My Dear Friends,


I Have a New Dream…

It is a dream still deeply rooted in the American Dream only it deals with the greater purpose and truer meaning of that dream.

In this New Dream there is a God-given place for all of us. In this New Dream our existence as worthwhile human beings is no longer predicated solely on the acquisition of money nor will money alone determine the quality of our lives.

No my friends in this New Dream the quality of our lives will be deeply rooted in the realization that there is a unique purpose set aside for you in this life. It is the realization that your life does matter and your voice is needed to strike a chord that resonates across humanity.

In this New Dream no longer can you sit idly by trying to get by, no my friends God needs you to be you so that all of humanity will benefit.

No longer can we allow others to be stewards of our hopes and dreams or gate-keepers to the American Dream. Only God has that right and last I checked God has not given that away or leased it to any corporation or government agency.

In this New Dream we advance by adding our unique essence to the tapestry of life. We do so by standing on the precipice of something new, the edges of the known staring deep into the face of the unknown-not afraid but embolden by the knowledge that within our spirits are the wings that will carry us to sweet freedom, to a land of purpose and meaning. It is the knowledge that A Promised Land that has been set aside for each one of us.

In this New Dream with this land of Promise, a land where through who we are and what we stand for we are able to live a life of purpose and meaning which allows us to have a richly abundant life, no longer are we trapped in someone else’s dream but free and embolden to live life on our own terms.

Yes I still have a Dream that in this New America the collective brightness of our individual lights casts a glow so bright that it becomes a beacon for the rest of humanity showing us a better way.

I Dream that we let go… standing on the edge of change we choose to take a step in faith even though we cannot see the whole staircase as I once said. Knowing that a way has been made and within us is not only a way but a light which if we allow it will shine bright, illuminating the showing us the way.

I Have a Dream that a life well lived will sprout from a strong foundation of who we are and what we stand for. Purpose and meaning will lead our way and we will stand upon a strong foundation hand in hand, spirit to spirit, purpose to purpose, having elevated the whole of humankind.

And on that day we will truly be not only free but uplifted enough to enjoy the fruits of freedom having lived out God’s Dream for Humanity.

In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

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A Letter To Michael Sam

“Some of us have great runways already built for us. If you have one, take off. But if you don’t have one, realize it is your responsibility to grab a shovel and build one for yourself and for those who will follow after you.”

– Amelia Earhart

Michael SamDear Michael Sam

I don’t know you personally but I hope this letter reaches you because I believe it’s the message you are meant to hear.

Sometimes in life we fail to see the great opportunities inherent in our struggles. I know football is what you love but have you ever considered that the struggle you face is not about the game of football but an overall greater purpose awaiting you in the game of life.

Michael here are the 5 steps to realizing your purpose and making a true difference.

  1. Turn your anger and frustration into a passion to make a difference

Michael you are a trailblazer and like others before you the path is laden with struggle and unforeseen circumstances outside of your control. How you handle those situations will determine if others choose to follow in your footsteps or stay regulated to the darkness of their fears. I know you are frustrated that your NFL dreams did not come to fruition the way you planned. Turn that emotion into a passion for paving the way for those to come. Jackie Robinson had to make tremendous sacrifices understanding that in his hands laid the fate of all those who would or “would not” come after him.

  1. Apologize for passively outing other pro athletes

I understand you may have felt abandoned by athletes who chose to stay quiet instead of showing outright support. These other athletes placed not only their trust but their livelihood in your hands and as frustrated as it was feeling that they were not there to stand when you needed them to- you as a leader were given the gift of their trust. You needed to appreciate that trust, to be the leader they could depend on and believe in. They needed to know that you truly had their best interest at heart even at a high cost to yourself.

If you had done this they would have given you a respect and trust that money simply cannot buy and in due time you would have been able to bring people together to do things they otherwise would not have. They may not have openly come out but they may have openly expressed support that could change the fate for those to come, and that my friend is a big win. Apologize profusely behind the scenes to them personally and issue a blanket apology publicly. Let everyone know you have seen the wrong of your ways and allowed your frustration to get the best of you. Promise those athletes individually and the young players you impacted that you will do everything your power to be worthy of the trust and respect that was given to you.

  1. Be the leader you needed

Remember a time when as a young man coming to grips with not only being gay but having to confront that reality as an athelete. Think about who you needed and who you became in order to help you through that. Many kids don’t have that person, that leader, that motivation to continue forward in the face of all the struggles they will face. Be the leader they need and you had or wish you had. Michael that person will change the world for the better.

  1. Publicly set the vision for the future

Publicly set the vision for the future as you would like to see it for gay athletes in sports. We all need a vision without it the scriptures say that the people will perish, not only the people but their hopes and dreams as well. Set a vision that will inspire and move others, gay and otherwise. In the end what you’re looking to achieve goes beyond sexual preference and gender, it is about a kid that has a dream and believes they matter and that they can be something in this life…who are we to take that away from them.

  1. Touch the People

Get to where people need you. Be a great voice and testament to the power of standing up for what you believe in. Your life serves a greater purpose Michael than just the game of football. Get out to the schools, the colleges, speak and be a liaison if not in the NFL then in College to help players and students on both sides of the issue. Help those athletes and students across college campuses who are gay and straight in how to deal with whatever issues you had to deal with. Michael what you can bring to the table for countless people is invaluable and you have a visible platform to do it from. You literally have the power to save lives.

Finish what you started, this is the biggest game you will ever play in and the purpose you choose to pursue will determine how you played the game. At the end of the day you can be a Hall of Famer on the greatest playing field ever…life.


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The #1 Reason For Failure In Business and Life


There is a special law that I call the 2 times 3 to 4 or 2x 3/4, it means that something takes twice as long as you believed it would take and is 3 to 4 times harder than you thought it would be.

I have been in sales for many years in many types of industries. Most companies want to grow the business but where they fail is in aligning their expectations with the realities of business and life the 2x 3/4. Let’s face it the truth is that most companies and individuals do not properly plan and allow room for the success that they desire. Most people, companies and organizations will never have the true success they desire because they give up, turn course, fail to adjust and abandon plans before success can be achieved.

I was once on a call with Frank Maguire who was part of the senior leadership of FedEx, KFC, American Airlines and ABC. What fascinated me was his story about his time at FedEx. In the beginning of what is now this multi-billion dollar juggernaut the company was losing a million dollars or more each month. FedEx was in such a financial windfall that the senior management would go to an all-you-can eat restaurant, order one plate and share. FedEx chose to stay the course instead of abandon ship and have their story end before it truly began.

The #1 Reason for Failure in Business and Life is that most of us never account for the fact that the success we desire often will take two times longer than we wanted and be three to four times harder than what we expected or 2x 3/4. The raw truth that we fail to understand is that we are currently not equipped with the skills, knowledge or ability to achieve the great things we desire. Yes we may have the desire but we also must have the will, the raw determination to continue forward until we acquire the things we need that will ultimately lead to our success. Also it takes time before we can reach the critical mass necessary to get us to where we desire to be.

Through the obstacles and setbacks we are forged in the fires of learning and growth so that we are capable of achieving what it is that we desire. Taking into account the 2x 3/4 Law allows for the time necessary to experience, learn, grow and become. If you want to be a business, organization or person that achieves something of great measure it is crucial that you take this law into account otherwise you risk falling short of the success that awaits you.

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